Catholicism's Happy Face Masks Same Old Bondage

Purgatory... still the same. The new pope offers time off from punishment if you follow his Twitter account.

Do Catholics Know They Are Saved?

This testimony was sent to BATTLE CRY after the last issue containing the article Are Some Roman Catholics Saved?

Indulgences Granted for Worship of Mary

Pope Benedict XVI granted plenary indulgences to anyone who worshiped before a statue of the Virgin Mary goddess before December 8, 2005.

Pope Declares Jubilee Year - Brings Back Indulgences

Such "Jubilees," or "holy years," have been celebrated every 25 years since 1300 AD.

Pope Preaches Purgatory: More Proof that Roman Catholicism Isn't Christian

In his weekly speeches at the Vatican, Pope John Paul II took up the subject of the afterlife during July.

Pope's Path to Heaven: Bribe the Priest or Wear a Juju

This "holy card" shows the Virgin Mary goddess holding "baby Jesus" as they watch angels comforting poor souls suffering in purgatory.

Was the Pope Saved?

"This is a man who had particular confidence in the Virgin Mary and felt that she was ready to welcome him and introduce him to God..."