Legislature Caves In on Parental Rights

The Georgia Legislature recently attempted to pass a bill giving parents the option to object when their child was about to join a homosexual club at school.

New Evidence for Human Evolution?

"Strongest evidence yet, that humans are still evolving..."

New Gospel of Judas Fails Basic Bible Test

This new "gospel" is valuable, not because it carries more truth about Jesus, but because it sheds more light on how the Gnostics had perverted the true gospel.

'Lady of Light' Exposed as Usurper in New Book

"In these difficult days, when our global problems seem insurmountable, a growing number are turning to the Queen of All as perhaps the world's best advocate," writes Jim Tetlow in his new book on Marian apparitions.

Chick Mail Bag May-2006

Bank teller always asks "Do you have any Chick tracts?" She confessed, "We fight over them!"

New Tract Line with Black Characters

Christian workers have been telling us for some time that their work among blacks would be much more effective if they had Chick tracts where the characters in the story were black.

Why Not a Daddy and Two Mommies?

Now that homosexual marriage is gaining acceptance in America, another perversion is coming out of the closet, demanding equal rights.

Prison Ministry Letters: May-2006

"Light of the World" had an effect on each inmate.

Are Some Roman Catholics Saved?

Sincerity cannot save. Only faith in Jesus can.

Tract Passing Tips - May 2006

Bookstore occult sections, amusement parks, flea markets

Tracts in 12 Languages Ready for World Cup Games

Amazing Grace Tract Fellowship continues to fund Chick literature projects and video translations around the world.

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