Good News Corner

In today’s increasingly godless culture, parents become frontline soldiers in the war against Satan’s attack on our children. Many are outraged and beginning to stand up against the perversion and propaganda being taught to kids in schools.

Mission Fund Update: May 2023

Your generous giving makes it possible for us to help missionaries reach lost souls worldwide using tracts. Here is the latest report from 11 countries we have recently sent tracts to.

I’m Forever Grateful for that Little Tract

Singer and musician, Kathleen Carnali, tells how the Chick tract, 'This Was Your Life' that she received as a teenager in Massachusetts was instrumental in her salvation.

Prisons: ‘A Mission Field Next Door’

Read the salvation testimony of a man on the run from the Lord who one day was given a Chick tract. Now, he is saved and serves as a Chaplain in Texas.

A Message from David W. Daniels

Lately people are thanking God for the worldwide panic of the last few years! How could this be?

Even Women Inmates Are Not Safe from Transgenders

The new social contagion of transgenderism is now affecting people who have no place to hide: California women prisoners.

Gospel Tracts: A Long and Famous History

Read what several champions of the gospel in the past 300+ years said about gospel tracts. There's one common theme: tracts are a vital part of effective evangelism!

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