Pope Says That Homosexuality is Sin —But Not a Crime

Is the pope simply reflecting the lies that some people are 'born that way' and need to be protected from any criminal judgment that resembles God’s viewpoint?

Mobs Are Okay, Christians Arrested Instead

Bold Christians are being denied their free speech rights by lawless mobs. Police officers are forcing some street preachers to leave immediately before a situation with protestors gets out of control.

‘Deaths of Despair’ Increasing as Church Declines

With the decline in church attendance in the late 20th century, more and more people are dying from substance abuse like drugs and alcohol. With the demise of churches, there has been no other institution that has arisen to match its value to society.

Some Good News —For a Change

Read 3 examples of how parents, young adults and lawmakers are joining together to push back against Satan’s steamroller of lies that has polluted our culture.

Mission Fund Update: March 2023

Thanks to your help, 1.3 million tracts have been sent to the Philippines and over 2 million are committed to 8 other countries. Read about what the Lord is doing in these countries.

A Message from David W. Daniels

Have you noticed what is happening to free speech in our country? It’s eroding. Do you know why?