Is Roman Catholic ‘Evangelism’ Biblical?

A Catholic Bishop has proposed parading the Eucharist (wafer) as a way to get more people interested in converting to Catholicism. Does that sound anything like the 'Great Commission' that Jesus commanded?

Mission Fund Update: July 2023

Many Chick customers give to the Mission Fund to provide Chick tracts to missionaries. Read the latest news, see photos and watch ministry videos from this in-depth report from the mission field!

‘Tract Ministry Radically Changed Me’

A brother in Christ from California shares how he was initially concerned that people would react in hostility to receiving tracts. What shocked him was that people would often respond with gratitude, making way for a witnessing opportunity!

Finnish Member of Parliament Again Charged With Hate

Dr. Räsänen was accused of hate speech on three occasions, including in a tweet showing verses from the Bible. The outcome of this case could have significant implications for freedom of speech and religion in Finland and elsewhere in Europe.

More States Are Voting for Assisted Suicide

America is quietly opening up another chapter of death. Why should we trust evil and godless governments to decide who should live and who should not?

A Message From David W. Daniels

Some very powerful people believe there are too many humans on earth. They want to reduce the population and there is only one way to do that.

Saturate Your Town

This article was contributed by Maria D. who shares what happened after having a dream about how to use tracts to reach her town.