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Mother and child at the library.

The world’s largest library association is reporting “outrage” that parents are beginning to stand up against the perversion and propaganda that has become part of the offering of public libraries.

This is the American Library Association (ALA) with over 50,000 members headed by a declared Marxist lesbian. This is also the association that is OK with books containing detailed procedures for adult sex play in grade school libraries. They also see nothing wrong with scantily dressed drag queen pedophiles entertaining kindergarteners.

Deborah Caldwell-Stone, director of the ALA’s Office for Intellectual Freedom, calls the past two years “exhausting, frightening, [and] outrage inducing.”

Poor Deborah is "exhausted" from having to handle all the complaints about books that are coming in not just from parents, but from organizations, like Moms for Liberty, who refuse to let children be exposed to the pornographic content.

Parents who have been awakened to this downgrading of their public libraries are delighted that this official is outraged.

“Diana Banister of Concerned Women for America is glad to see that parents are doing something about the ongoing effort to sexualize the nation’s youth,” says the American Family News (

In today’s increasingly godless culture, parents become frontline soldiers in the war against Satan’s attack on our children.

• • • • • •

Other families, who have buyer’s remorse over what their tax dollars buy in the public schools, are pushing legislators to free up those dollars for parents to choose where to spend them. The school choice concept has been around for some time, but several mechanisms are being used.

Some states are issuing vouchers to parents to spend at the school of their choice. Others are setting up Education Savings Accounts (ESAs), scholarship programs and tax credits. Even home schooling is included in some of the programs.

Again, it is the parents that are rising up and demanding relief from the government schools that have gravitated away from basic education into propaganda mills and purveyors of godlessness and perversity. One good result from the COVID-19 lockdowns is that it allowed the parents to look over the kids’ shoulders and discover this creeping evil.

• • • • • •

Another victory came in Pennsylvania where two different school districts refused an application by The Satanic Temple to sponsor an After School Satan Club on campus. One school had initially agreed, but community pressure from parents and items in the local news media persuaded the superintendent against it.

The Satanic Temple had argued that they should be allowed if Child Evangelism Fellowship was permitted to maintain an after-hours Good News Club, training students, who chose to attend, in the Bible. Parents and the community are to be commended for alertness to this threat.

• • • • • •

The same perverted sex education that has surfaced in the United States has also been found in Great Britain. Fortunately, a Christian member of parliament who is a mother of three has mounted a campaign against it, supported by fifty other conservative members of parliament. They have drafted a letter to the Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, asking him to demand a review by the Department of Education.

The letter detailed how the children are “being taught about extreme and dangerous sex acts [and] encouraged to share intimate details about sexual desires with classmates and teachers.” Fortunately, the Prime Minister is responding.

The coalition in Parliament is also backed by an organization that has brought legal focus on the problem. The leader of that organization, called Let Kids be Kids, said that he was “appalled, absolutely appalled [that] some of the material that’s in there is quite frankly, outrageous.”

The rapid increase in the homosexual evil is almost breathtaking. Worldwide spiritual decadence has created a vacuum that Satan is more than happy to fill. Even the most recent development of transgenderism is showing up in multiple countries. Some countries in Africa are moving against it legally but much of the rest of the world is coming down on them for their “homophobia.”

But the good news is that Christians and decent people are rising up in righteous indignation. Satan never sleeps so it is necessary for us to never let our guard down against his devices.

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