I’m Forever Grateful for that Little Tract

During a recent visit to Chick Publications, singer and musician Kathleen Carnali shared her salvation testimony with David W. Daniels.

Listen as she tells how she received the Chick tract, “This Was Your Life” as a teenager in Massachusetts and how it was instrumental in her salvation.

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By Kathleen Carnali

I grew up in Massachusetts with a single mom and we attended church every now and then, Christmas and Easter, and every once in a while in between. I knew about God and I looked to God to really to be a father to me because my father wasn’t available. But that’s as much as I knew.

I remember when I was a teenager we were at Faneuil Hall in Boston. There’s a lot of shops and little cool places you can get stuff. There was a man out there and he was just so aggressive handing something out.

I remember thinking, “Oh! He’s really excited to give away what he’s giving away. I wonder what it is?” He comes over and said something about Jesus. It perked my attention because I was very interested about Jesus. I knew He died on the cross. I knew some of the basic stuff. I didn’t fully understand how it applied to me, personally, though.

So I remember graciously receiving it. It was a Chick gospel tract, “This Was Your Life.” I still remember the picture and everything. I just stuck it in my pocket, and it made its way back to our apartment. I’m not sure how much time went by. I must have laid it somewhere. I can’t really remember.

I just remember that I finally saw it and I thought, “Oh, I’m gonna take the time to really read this.” I remember just studying every single picture and reading everything so intently. I remember specifically the guy in the tract that was sitting in the pew at church and being bored. I got so convicted because the type of church that we did go to every once in a while was kind of boring. When I saw that, I’m like, “Oh Lord, forgive me. That’s so me. I have done that!” Anyway, I went through it and it just explained so much more than I had ever heard before.

Then at the end, the way it laid out the gospel so clear and so precise. I remember getting down on my knees right next to my bed and just praying through all of that and asking the Lord just to save me and forgive me for my sins and that I wanted to live for Him forever. I was a little girl with an honest prayer.

But I was such a baby I didn’t know much of anything. I had a little children’s Bible that I would read every single night and I would make up my own little devotions not knowing what devotions were. But I wanted that personal relationship.

But I didn’t know what it was supposed to be like. Anyway, my mom’s friend came to Christ, just radically changed from dark to light and we saw the change in her. And she was telling us that we needed to come to her church because they really preached the Bible.

I didn’t really know the difference, so we finally went. That’s when I heard the word of God preached out loud for the first time. I remember I felt like a baby being fed for the first time. I’m like, this is what I’ve been looking for.

But the man that handed out the tracts, years prior, went to that church and we got to reconnect. It’s just so amazing. We came full circle and he was actually a big influence. He has personally discipled my husband now who came to Christ at that point.

My whole family ended up coming to Christ. My grandparents and my mom and my uncles. It was just amazing. I am forever grateful for that little tract.
Praise God!

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