Disney Peddling Another One of Satan’s Lies

Disney’s 'Little Demon,' tries to normalize satanism and portray Satan as a 'normal' dad who tries to look out for his daughter. No longer 'family safe,' Disney is now enticing young people into sexual and occultic experimentation.

‘Banned Books Week’ Celebrates Perversion

The American Library Association uses this annual event to encourage students to read sexually explicit and violent books, especially those with a LGBTQIA agenda.

Should Christians Scorn the Bible?

Can God be pleased when we dare to scorn the Bible that proved its power during 400 years of expansion of the Kingdom of God?

Finally —the Right Questions

Why is our culture suddenly producing so many young men who want to murder innocent people? Here are five factors.

Mission Fund Update: November 2022

Reports from Ireland, Greenland, United Kingdom, Philippines, Mexico and Israel show what Chick supporters are doing through the Mission Fund.

California Establishes ‘Hate’ Commission

California governor Gavin Newsom has appointed five members to a new “Commission of the State of Hate”. Is this new Commission an example of how governments will attempt to silence Christians from speaking against sinful behavior?

A Message from David Daniels

We in the church today have lived in comfort far longer than almost any generation that has gone before. And now we are at a crossroads.

One Greek Letter Can Change the Gospel

Can just one Greek letter change the gospel from God-centered to man-centered? You are about to find out.

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