A Message from David Daniels

Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

We in the church today have lived in comfort far longer than almost any generation that has gone before.

And now we are at a crossroads.

The Bible tells us that one day the world will be ruled by a single man, the beast, an antichrist who will demand that all worship him. The technology to do most of this is already in place, as we pointed out in the Chick tract, I See You. It’s not a question of whether we are being spied on; it is only a question of who is doing the spying, and how much. It is a form of bondage, with every move being tracked.

At the same time, as we keep hearing in the news, people are being trafficked —abducted, bought and sold like cattle— all over the world. It’s like the bondage to Mystery Babylon in Revelation 18:13 “…slaves, and souls of men.”

But there is a bondage far worse: the bondage of sin. Its punishment is death and eternal torment, separated from God. Thank God for the many people who are fighting human trafficking all over earth. But God gave us a way to point people to the key that frees every soul from bondage to sin: Jesus Christ.

In this dark world, Chick gospel tracts are like flashlights that don’t go out. They shine on us all, exposing our sin and our need for Jesus. The scripture verses are the batteries. Jack Chick always said, “the power of a Chick tract is the scriptures.”

It’s so easy to hand them out. Some people refuse flashlights, preferring to stay in the dark. But to those who receive them, Jesus is revealed as the light of the world.

Let’s be light in the darkness. God will free so many people from bondage to sin, if we are faithful.

In Christ Jesus, and for His service,

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