Pedophilia Now An 'Orientation'

Revolution is in the air. Powerful people are out to “fundamentally transform America” —and the world. One aspect of that revolution began several decades ago. It has come to be known as the sexual revolution.

Actually, it has turned into more of a devolution. Sacred vows once solemnized at the wedding altar have been casually ignored through mechanisms like no-fault divorce and quiet elimination of laws about adultery, alienation of affection, and even sodomy. Along with these went social norms against promiscuity and immodesty.

The website points out that everyone is a loser in this revolution, especially the children. There have been continual assurances that the children will be OK if the adults get their way. Lately, we have discovered that they’re not OK. Teenage suicides are way up. Medications for depression are flying off the store shelves. Child trafficking has become a national concern.

So what is the supposed solution? Simply teach the kids how to be safely sexually active as early as elementary school. Then, make abortion available to deal with any inconvenience. If that doesn’t work, then the government will be glad to raise the kids for you.

Having covered so much ground, sexual activists have nowhere else to go —except to pedophilia. Netflix recently came under significant pressure for daring to announce a program involving an 11-year-old girl performing pornographic dancing. The pressure, however, was ineffective because they went ahead and aired the 1st episode. The program originates in France and is called “Cuties.” Additional episodes are planned.

Entertainment has been the trojan horse in our living rooms. Producers are highly aware of the power of suggestion. Simply placing people in sinful situations and quietly displaying them in the background of the plot, desensitized the public with the excuse: "It’s only entertainment!"

Laws are quietly being changed. The governor of California just recently signed a bill decriminalizing homosexual activity between an adult and a minor 14 or over if there was less than 10 years difference in their ages and “consent” was given. This supposedly brought the Criminal Code into line with the heterosexual laws that had been put in place several years ago.

Central to the argument over these changes is the concept of consent. The age at which a child can legally consent to sex varies from 12 to 18 across the world. States in the US set their own limits and they also vary but tend to be on the high end. Organizations like the North American Man-Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) are in the forefront of the lobbying effort to lower the age of consent.

In April 2019, parents in Brea Olinda, a school district near Los Angeles, were outraged over a movie shown to their children that appeared to present pedophilia as normal. School officials defended it as part of the necessary history curriculum: "This is done because we are talking about historical perspectives of how gender relations and different types of sexual orientations have existed in history," said Kerrie Torres, the School District Assistant Superintendent of Curricula for Brea Olinda.

Disgusted parents pushed Torres to deny that man-boy sex was an “orientation,” but she persisted: “It's something that occurred in history, and so this is really important for us to include.”

So, now, what is considered rape in every state law, is becoming an “orientation.”

Paul told the Ephesians (5:12): "For it is a shame even to speak of those things which are done of them in secret." Increasingly, childhood innocence has no place to hide.

In that same chapter, Paul states flatly that “…the days are evil.” Then he says to reprove “the unfruitful works of darkness.” We have a wonderful tool to equip us for this battle. Let’s saturate our neighborhoods and communities with no-nonsense gospel tracts!

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