China Churches Protest Government Crackdown

Decades ago the people of China chose Communism's hollow dream instead of the Bible. Now, millions there have discovered the truth and are willing to die for it —and some may have to.

Benefits of Trusting the KJV

Look what changes when you trust the KJV - your 'attitude' and your 'confidence.'

When We Take A Stand, Satan Loses

Christians can, and are, making their voices heard when the culture promotes perversity. And they are winning.

Does 'Palestine' Belong in the Book of Joshua?

There was no such region as 'Palestine' when the Bible was written. Attempting to 'modernize' the Bible leads to confusion.

It's a Bigger Battle Than You Think

We are in a spiritual war and there is no way to remain neutral. Whose side are you on? We can't expect it to be easy.

Missions Fund Report - Nov 2018

Your continued support for missionaries is having a global impact. Here are some of the reports we've received from Pakistan, India, Philippines, Kenya and Mexico.

November 2018 Message From David W. Daniels

Everything has cycles: politics, news, and the Devil. But Christians are called to follow a different "cycle," that of sowing and reaping

Tracts Also Grow Disciples

Chick tracts also provide on-going discipleship training. Here's how.

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