Does the Great Commission Apply to Me?

Are pastors the only ones obligated to obey the Great Commission?

Are We Reaping What We Have Sown?

As a nation, we are seeing our just rewards for our legalization of abortion with the looming bankruptcy of Social Security.

Evolution: No God Needed!

For godless humanists, evolution takes care of the problem of having to explain away a Creator.

God Comments on Lutheran Question

Lutheran church's steeple split by a tornado as an Evangelical Lutheran Church of America vote takes place across the street to allow homosexuals into ministry.

Why Would God Bother?

Why would God bother to inspire the original manuscripts if He wasn't going to preserve His words?

Cleo Finds a Partner

One of our customers shares how the therapy dog she is training has opened the door to witnessing with the Chick tract 'Cleo.'

So Many Ways --So LIttle Time

Here are just some of the many different scenarios available for the soul-winner who wants to include Chick tracts in his witnessing.

Missions Fund Report - January 2019

Your gifts to the Mission Fund last year made it possible to provide more than 3,000,000 Chick tracts to over 75 missionaries and their teams.

January 2019 Message from David W. Daniels

People are questioning the world around them. But we have to ask them the most important question of all, 'Is your name in the book of life?'

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