When We Take A Stand, Satan Loses

Hopeful signs are showing up that more people are beginning to stand against Satan's push to destroy America.

When the administration of Azusa Pacific University declared that the school would begin to accept same sex relationships on campus, the board of trustees blew the whistle.

The new code of conduct dropped longstanding language that declared "homosexual acts" as "expressly forbidden" by Scripture and declared "heterosexuality is God's design for sexually intimate relationships." The trustees voted to reinstate the original code and were immediately attacked by LGBTQ+ activists for their courage.

It is great to see schools that were founded by Bible believers standing strong against the unrighteous agenda. A couple of years ago Wheaton College near Chicago was embroiled in a struggle over their stand for biblical marriage.

Other secular colleges and universities are requiring a different approach. Here, the struggle is between First Amendment freedom of speech and new "discrimination" laws protecting homosexual "civil rights."

Several universities have tried to claim discrimination when a Christian campus club refused to allow homosexual leadership. The administration would cut off the club's share in student activity funding and even deny a place on campus for them to meet.

Anyone on campus attempting to speak or distribute literature with the biblical view would be promptly shut down or relegated to an obscure part of the campus or given a limited time frame. Organizations of Christian attorneys, such as Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), are taking up these attacks and forcing, sometimes by going to court, the school officials to back down. Other organizations are marshalling the citizens to attend legislative hearings on proposed laws threatening freedom of religion and speech.

In California, several victories occurred this session. One bill, AB 2943, planned to forbid any paid counselor from helping anyone with an unwanted same-sex attraction. The law was written so that even pastors could possibly have been restricted and any literature, such as the Bible, suggesting the possibility of recovery, was forbidden.

Churches and watchdog groups put up sufficient objection to the law that it was dropped in committee. Two other bills were vetoed by Governor Jerry Brown that would have had universities distributing abortion pills on campus and mandated LGBTIQ training for teachers.

Another case won in the U.S. Supreme Court had wide implications. A new California law forced pro-life pregnancy centers to advertise abortion as an alternative. When it was struck down, attorneys pointed out that if the government could force someone to speak against their will, no one would truly have freedom of speech.

A similar case won before the U.S. Supreme Court involved a Colorado baker, Jack Phillips, who refused to design a cake for a same-sex wedding. The court found that he had been erroneously convicted by a hostile government commission. But to show how persistent the government can be when taken over by unrighteous people, Phillips was immediately baited by a transgender customer and charged again for nearly the same thing. He is now fighting back by suing the government agency for harassment.

These examples show that evil can be driven back if someone cares enough to try. When a cross-dresser shows up at your school or library to read propaganda to your kindergartener, we need to rally the parents until it is stopped.

When your favorite store allows men in the women's dressing and bathrooms, management should hear from lots of customers. The same applies to athletic gyms or high school sports facilities.

Managers and administrators often only feel pressure from the wrong side. We need to balance the picture.

Saturating your neighborhood with gospel tracts is another way to introduce God's truth into the picture. Chick Publications has attempted to provide a wide variety of stories speaking Truth to Satan's lies.

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