42nd Street Soul Saving Station

"We don`t have to 'go unto all the world.` The world comes to us," says 42nd Street Soul Saving Station Pastor Brian Kelly.

U.S. Prisons Recruiting Muslim Chaplains

One of the most disturbing developments in Islam`s drive to conquer the world is its intrusion (and acceptance) in the U.S. prisons.

New Crusader Shows Why Mormonism is not Christian

In a new 32-page Crusaders Comic, called The Enchanter, Chick Publications has summarized the bizarre history and unbiblical teachings of this amazing deception.

Big Bugs More Evidence of Eden

For a long time, scientists have puzzled over fossil evidence that dragonflies once grew two-foot wingspans and millipedes were 5 feet long.

A Message From Jack Chick - November/December

Thousands of people are immigrating to the U.S. What a great opportunity to tell them about Jesus!

Soul-Winning Video in More New Languages

The Chick Publications soul winning video, Light of the World, continues expanding into more languages.

Chick Mail Bag Nov-2007

He would read the tracts then put them back so no one knew. But finally he got saved.

Prison Ministry Letters: Nov-2007

Showed "Light of the World" in the prison yard. One man burst out in tears.

New Pope Pushing for Mother of the World

The new pope continues the tradition of pushing the RC Virgin Mary goddess as the unifying force in the world.

Don't Forget Tracts This Season

What store clerk can refuse a tract when presented with the statement: "Here is your Christmas card from me."

Poor Mother Teresa - Good Works But No Faith

As early as 1953 she wrote, "... there is such terrible darkness within me, as if everything was dead."

Tract Passing Tips - November 2007

Teaching kids to read, gas station pump

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