Soul-Winning Video in More New Languages

Issue Date: November/December 2007

The Chick Publications soul winning video, Light of the World, continues expanding into more languages. The Russian language version of the Light of the World video is completed and copies have been distributed to missionaries in Russian language countries. The several months that it took to produce it was worth the effort. The quality is first class. The narration was done by a professional and it was recorded at one of the top studios in Moscow.

Missionaries continue to ask for this soul-winning DVD to be made available in more languages. Negotiations are in process for a professional narrator to begin narration of the Afrikaans version in South Africa. Missionaries in Laos are working on a version for that country in Laotian and also Burmese languages.

One Christian worker describes how he has shown the film in the school where he teaches. Much of his class time ended up being used to answer students` questions about Jesus. Some even wanted to take it home to show to their parents. It has been exciting to hear the reports of people coming to know Jesus Christ as they have seen the film, and have really understood what the Gospel is all about.

Prison chaplains are also making good use of the video.

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