New Crusader Shows Why Mormonism is not Christian

Is Mormonism a Christian religion? The Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life recently put this question to over 3000 adults and 52% said yes. This is not surprising among the general populace. But of the white "evangelicals" in the group, who claim to regularly attend church, only 52 % believed that Mormonism is not Christian.

This indicates that the propaganda that Mormons are a loving, family-oriented people has duped even many of those who should know better. Unfortunately, there is little teaching in our churches on the unbiblical doctrines of cults like Mormonism.

Little is also widely known of the history of the early Mormon movement. It was founded in the early 1800s by the son of a merchant farmer with considerable involvement in local witchcraft and magic. Joseph Smith developed an early reputation for hunting buried treasure using a magical "peep stone." This was illegal in upstate New York, and Joseph was arrested and convicted of a misdemeanor. He was allowed to escape and leave the area.

He soon claimed that he had a dream in which he was told of some golden plates by a messenger from God. Unable to produce the plates themselves, he wrote a book that he claimed was a translation of the writings on the plates. That book became what is now called the Book of Mormon.

In a new 32-page Crusaders Comic, called The Enchanter, Chick Publications has summarized the bizarre history and unbiblical teachings of this amazing deception. It details Smith`s involvement in magic, witchcraft and other occult rituals and how Smith bullied his followers to lie about the existence of the plates. Mormon teachings that contradict the Bible are also outlined.

The comic format communicates effectively to all ages making the book usable to inoculate non-Mormons against the cult. It is also designed to shock Mormons, themselves, with the truth of their history. Like Muhammad, Joseph Smith claimed to receive revelation from God and used those revelations to solidify his power over his followers. He also used them to justify his lust for multiple wives.

The statistics quoted above indicate that there is a great lack of understanding in our churches regarding Mormonism. Their squeaky-clean public image hides a sometimes brutal bondage. Mormons who escape are often subjected to immediate exclusion from the Mormon church and are told that they lose their place in the "celestial kingdom."

They may be shunned by family and neighbors if they live in a heavily Mormon community. A wife who leaves is doubly threatened because Mormon women are told that their resurrection depends on their husband who has to use a secret name to call them out of the grave.

The Enchanter adds to the other material on Mormonism available from Chick Publications. The Secret World of Mormonism, is a 45-minute DVD by Jeremiah Films. Answers to my Mormon Friends is a 96-page paperback by Thomas F. Heinze who also authored Be Prepared, a 24-page booklet designed to fit into your Bible giving tips on witnessing to Roman Catholics, Jehovah`s Witnesses and Mormons.

Use these aids to sharpen your skill in witnessing so you will not be in the almost 50% of Christians who think that Mormonism is Christian.