Preachers claim, "I've Never Seen a Bible"

Preachers all over the world are telling their congregations, "This book in my hands is NOT the Bible!"

How Scientific is the Big Bang?

The Big Bang is the idea that "nothing" exploded and formed everything: the elements, galaxies, solar systems, the earth, and even complex molecules which eventually came together to form life.

'Christian' Bookstores Are Disappearing

Have you been to a Christian bookstore lately? If not, it may not be there anymore.

Pope Reaffirms 'No Salvation' Outside Catholic 'Church'

The Vatican has removed all doubt about what the pope means by unity.

Don't Hide This Halloween

Giving out tracts on Halloween is easy! They come to you!

Courageous Christian Students Fighting Back

In 2005, some Christian students decided to counter the homosexual message with a "Day of Truth" campaign.

Chick Mail Bag - September 2007

Family of believers finally sees Catholic Dad come to Christ.

Muslims Pay a High Price for Accepting Christ

When we win a Muslim to Christ, we need to know what a serious step he is taking.

Prison Ministry Letters: Sep-2007

Inmates were chasing us down asking for more!

Modern 'Tolerance' Does Not Include Bible Believers

So far in the U.S.A., Bible believers have avoided paying fines for speaking out against homosexuality.

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