Tract Passing Tips - November 2007

I have ordered the Sign Language version of the Light Of The World and this past Sunday it was shown in our Deaf Ministry. I wanted to share some comments we received. We really enjoyed the movie with the man signing and the dramatic pictures. Other comment: "So good to watch movie, explained so well so the deaf can understand. Thank you for showing it to us." 19 watched this movie and I can`t begin to tell you what a blessing it was to all of them.
D.M. LaVaca, AK

I recently started purchasing Chick tracts because I believe they are the most effective evangelistic tracts available. I am really pleased with your line of black tracts. Young mothers at our church are using your tracts to teach their kids to read! They love them because of the pictures and simple vocabulary. And your tracts are helping to sow the Word of God into the hearts of these kids.
J.B. Columbus, OH

I am always looking for ways to leave a tract where I am sure someone will find it. Lately, I have started leaving a tract in the hose nozzle when I fill my car with gas. I roll it up and tuck it under the lever in the nozzle where the next customer will have to remove it before he can dispense his gas.

My 7 and 12 year old boys love sitting with me while I read the tracts online. The pictures keep them interested and I love the message they receive. It is great quality time that we spend together and I know they will keep these memories of us reading tracts long into adulthood. Thank you!
A.L. Email

If you have found a way or many ways to give a tract to someone, that is comfortable to you, share it with us. We would like to pass on your ideas to other soulwinners. Send your ideas to us at:

       Wanted: Your Tract Passing Tips
       c/o Chick Publications
       P. O. Box 3500
       Ontario, CA. 91761-1019

We will publish as many as we can in future issues of Battle Cry.

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