U.S. Prisons Recruiting Muslim Chaplains

One of the most disturbing developments in Islam`s drive to conquer the world is its intrusion (and acceptance) in the U.S. prisons. No statistics could be found of how many inmates claim Islam as their religion, but California alone has 30 full and part-time Muslim chaplains. Terry Thompson, spokeswoman for the California Department of Corrections, said these are civil service employees who undergo background checks and must adhere to "mainstream Islam."

This illustrates the continued confusion over the basic nature of Islam. Many leaders in the Western World are trying to portray Islam as basically a peaceful religion. They say that it is only a fringe of radicals who are behind the worldwide jihad of terror.

But, in a careful check of the book behind Islam, the Qur`an, we find that the radicals are only carrying out the dictates of Allah as revealed to Muhammad. Plain as day, in Sura 4:101 it says "surely the unbelievers are your open enemy." And Sura 8:12 clearly says, "...I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them."

Nowhere in the Qur`an is there any mercy specified toward "unbelievers." Some leaders point to Turkey, Egypt and Saudi Arabia as "mainstream Islam." Yet, where is the outrage in these countries when the "fringe radicals" fly passenger planes into office buildings or blow up innocent patrons of Israeli restaurants?

We must ask: "Where is your Muslim book that teaches this "mainstream" Islam? It certainly cannot be the Qur`an, for it clearly teaches jihad, world conquest, until the "unbelievers" are converted or dead.

Many publications have come out exposing the true nature of Islam. Some recently released by Chick Publications include Christ, Muhammad and I, by Ghazoli and Anatomy of the Qur`an, by Moshay.

These clearly explain the radical nature of the whole structure of Islam. The Qur`an is exposed as a confusing tangle of contradictory teachings. They focus primarily on satisfying the cravings of Muhammad for bloody revenge and conquest of nations as well as of beautiful young women.

On page 102, Ghazoli writes, referring to the radical verses in the Qur`an: "These verses, which fill the Qur`an, incite Muslims to fight, scatter, torture and butcher all who disobey Muhammad or refuse to embrace Islam, or Muslims who abandon Islam." Today, in any Muslim-dominated country, anyone who converts from Islam must face the possibility of death, sometimes by members of his own family. Sura 4:89 says, "...but if they turn back [from following Allah], then seize them and kill them wherever you find them..."

Prison officials who welcome Muslim chaplains because they represent"mainstream" Islam, are woefully uninformed of the fact that the "radicals" are the only true Muslims according to the Qur`an.

In addition to the books mentioned above, Chick Publications is also releasing a new tract on Islam called Unforgiven about a young man who converts to Islam in prison. In the story, his grandmother explains the contrast between trusting Christ for salvation and Islam`s religious bondage. If he refuses Christ, he will receive the same sentence on judgment day as Muhammad.

International Islam is taking advantage of America`s open society and antidiscrimination laws to recruit gullible young men. Their goal is to convert or destroy all non-Muslim cultures. This is a new kind of war. The Qur`an stipulates no mercy for the unbeliever who refuses to convert. And in their rules of engagement, anything goes.

For soul winners, our rule is simple: go...make disciples. No other way can this war be won.