Doubt! Satan's Sharpest Arrow

For years, Satan has made peopple doubt they really have God's words. How is he doing it?

Confusion Growing over Tolerance of Homosexuals

Gay member of Equal Opportunity Employment Commission says, "Gays win, Christians lose!"

Like Eating an Elephant!

Outreach Missionary Bill Eubanks reports from Zimbabwe... Chick tracts are helping the local pastors reach thousands of students with the gospel.

Parents Fighting Back Against Government Schools

Do parents really have to accept whatever the public school wants to teach their children?

Seed Planted in the Philippines Now Ready for Harvest

Pastors are describing how they were fielding calls for more information from people who have gotten Chick tracts. Many are led to the Lord on the spot and others have already prayed the prayer of faith.

Warning: Disney 'Magic' Toxic to Children

A culture that once supported parents in bringing up youngsters as decent citizens has been converted into a major glamorizer of sin.

Israel Wary of Vatican Synod

Catholic archibishop claims Jews are no longer God`s chosen people.

Message From Jack Chick January/February 2011

Thanks to the word "tolerance," everyone is scared to death to offend a "gay."

Chick Mail Bag January/February 2011

Working in Middle East, workers are asking me for my tracts.

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