Like Eating an Elephant!

Outreach Missionary Bill Eubanks reports from Zimbabwe that his trip is going well. His team is finding amazing acceptance of the message and opportunity to deliver it. "The school system has really opened up to us. My nephew and I have preached in up to eight schools in one day." The schools run as high as 1,400 students. The country is divided into 10 provinces and there are over a thousand schools in each province.

A local pastor told Eubanks that reaching all those students was like "eating an elephant." However, the tracts are like ants, not very big but if you get enough of them, even an elephant is no match.

Of the 200,000 tracts that Chick Publications shipped to Zimbabwe for Eubank's outreach, only 47,000 are left with several weeks to go. He plans to raise his order to 250,000 tracts next trip. The need is so great that he plans to double the number of trips per year.

Besides preaching and saturating the schools with tracts, evenings are spent showing the Light of the World video in the villages. Most have no electricity, so the whole village turns out for the showing, intrigued by the video powered by a portable generator. Since Zimbabwe was once the British colony of Rhodesia, many understand English, which is listed as one of the country's official languages.

This makes Eubank's message especially effective since only a few tracts have been translated into the local languages.  Eubanks cannot begin to estimate the number of souls who have come to the Lord, but each meeting has a good response to the altar call. The tracts travel from hand to hand and only the Lord knows how many have responded to the message in the hundreds of thousands of tracts seeded in Zimbabwe both this year and last. This is Eubanks' second trip to Zimbabwe. Last year he salted the country with nearly 200,000 tracts.

"It is unbelievable the souls that have been won this trip. There is a great, effectual door here opened very wide right now. God is showing His favor here in many ways. I cannot express my thanks to the Lord Jesus Christ for raising up Chick Publications," he says.

Eubanks is planning to follow up the tracts with some KJV Bible portions since English is spoken so widely in Zimbabwe. Eubanks is only one of many missionaries who have extended their reach with Chick tracts in the language of their field. Many churches order tracts to be drop-shipped to the missionaries that they support. Others donate directly to the Chick Mission Fund.

Unfortunately, we are unable to issue a tax deductable receipt. However, 100% of your gifts are used to purchase and ship literature to missionaries. If you make the donation through your church, you can often get a receipt for tax purposes.

Fulfilling the Great Commission may seem like eating an elephant, but this is the first generation that has the tools to preach the gospel to all nations (see Matt. 24:14). Literature, video, audio, internet, e-mail, as well as preaching, are all tools we have to use in these end times. We had better use them well while we can.

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