Seed Planted in the Philippines Now Ready for Harvest

"There have been over 700 professions of faith reported just from the tract distribution," writes Asian missionary, Dr. Donny Whitlock. This is just the beginning of the reports filtering back by e-mail from Whitlock after his Chick tract blitz of the Philippines.

Through the summer and fall, over one million copies of This Was Your Life in Tagalog were shipped out to some 90 churches throughout the Philippine Islands. Pastors are describing how they were fielding calls for more information from people who have gotten the tracts. Many are led to the Lord on the spot and others have already prayed the prayer of faith.

Only a few of the reports have come in, mostly from the areas that have access to phones and e-mail. "Of course," continues Whitlock, "we don't have all the reports...this is just from a few of the pastors that received tracts.  Many of the tracts have gone into the outer islands.  We rejoice in what God is doing through the tracts. Praise the LORD for VICTORY!"

Whitlock and his team are rejoicing over the harvest in the Philippines. However, he sees this as a new dimension. For years, he and others have been sowing seeds of the gospel there, trusting the Lord for a harvest. As the political situation has improved, that seed is sprouting into hundreds of small churches.

A great part of Whitlock`s time now is spent in pastor`s conferences spending hours or days training these pastors. Their hunger is sometimes so great that a training session may include a time of weeping before the Lord as they pray for the millions there who have never heard the gospel.

One pastor, who received one of the boxes of 10,000 tracts, set up an outreach to one of the more populated, but depressed areas of the Philippines. He writes: "There were 97 participants who joined their hearts together and distributed 5,129 tracts in two days and then held preaching services with 1,281 attending. There were 501 who professed to receive Jesus Christ as their Saviour."

Whitlock has ministered in the orient for over 30 years and travels widely "planting seed" for the next harvest. Not content to stay and rejoice over the results in the Philippines, he is busy planting seed in Thailand, Burma and Laos. These countries do not yet have the political freedom for revival to break openly as in the Philippines. Eighteen years ago, Whitlock started sowing in Thailand and nine years ago in Burma and Laos. "There has been very little fruit compared to other places, but we are grateful for every soul the Lord has given.  My prayer is that one day there will be a harvest in these three nations as we are now seeing in the Philippines.  Until that day, I must continue to plow, sow and water," he says.

Chick tracts are one type of seed that missionaries like to use. At least one title has been translated into over 100 languages available to missionaries on the field. The Christian businessman who furnished the Tagalog tracts for the Philippines, was blessed with some extra finances and dedicated them to refilling Whitlock`s seed basket.

No doubt there will be thousands of souls in heaven who will look back to that little paper missionary, a Chick tract, that started them on the road to salvation.

If you would like to help a missionary that your church has sent to the field, suggest that he visit our website here and pick out tracts that he would like to use. We will drop-ship to him as many as you are able to purchase. If you cannot find a missionary, we receive requests frequently that we can help you fill.

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