Chick Mail Bag January/February 2011

While I am here in [the Middle East], one of my subcontractors was asking me about the Bible. I told him I would get him some information. I gave him an English version of This Was Your Life and an Arabic version. I also gave him the Arabic tract, The Greatest Story Ever Told. Well, he asked for more...of both tracts, so I gave him my supply and I believe he gave them to friends and family. I`m not supposed to witness to the workers but, God told me to do this and God alone will do His work. I am happy that God gave me the opportunity to do this.
Facebook Post

This, [King of Kings] and every comic book ever written and published by Chick Publications, are exceptional masterpieces of Biblical truth and everyday life situations. I have had them for over 15 years and even use them for facts in research for Bible teaching. God bless Jack T. Chick!
J.O., Facebook Post

Thank God for Chick Tracts —got saved by reading This Was Your Life in 1983! I still buy 'em by the package full and leave 'em everywhere, praying over them for others to know Jesus as well!
K.S., Facebook Post

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