Belief in Hell Good for the Economy

Those who believe in punishment in an afterlife tend to have the highest standard of living.

New EU President Touts 'Global Governance'

World leaders are calling for the world government predicted by the Bible. Just days later, they demanded that Israel give up Jerusalem. Time is running out for the world.

'Can You Get Us Some More?'

Missionaries world-wide find that Chick tracts make a huge difference in their ministries. They want more!

New Tract Warns Young People Against Occult

The whole world is going crazy over vampires and other occultic subjects. Jack Chick's newest story will use this interest to present the Gospel.

How to Speed-Test a New Bible Version

David Daniels takes you through a simple test to check if your Bible is missing anything. Warning: the facts may be shocking!

Government Solution to Sin: Tax It Away

We are now paying for the last 50 years of feel-good religion. Taxing sinful, destructive behavior won`t make it go away.

Homosexuals Believe Time is on Their Side

Their control of the schools gives them confidence that the next generation will approve homosexual marriage and just about anything else their 'alternate lifestyle' calls for.

Episcopalians Refuse Homosexual Lies, Fall Into Pope's Trap

When an openly homosexual was elected to be a bishop, Episcopalians were so incensed that many are now considering union with the Catholic Church.

Message From Jack Chick January/February 2010

Europeans and the pope want to lock us into a one-world government. Our only hope is the Gospel.

Prison Ministry Letters January/February 2010

The inmates are showing up at the chaplains office just to see if we have more Chick tracts.

Chick Mail Bag January/February 2010

Feeding ministry and Chick tracts just go together.

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