Homosexuals Believe Time is on Their Side

Just like the sodomites at Lot's door, California homosexuals are refusing to take no for an answer. Despite being twice voted down, they are raising hundreds of thousands of dollars to try again to make "gay marriage" legal in California.

Last November, voters approved Proposition 8 placing an amendment in the state constitution making marriage between a man and a woman the only legal union in the state.

A previous ballot measure in 2000 was invalidated by the activist California Supreme Court allowing several thousand same-sex marriages before the vote last year amended the state constitution.

A challenge to the latest vote was turned down by the same court but it let stand all the unions that had taken place before the amendment went into effect.

New Generation Favors Same-Sex Marriage

However, a dispute is emerging among the homosexual activists whether to try to get a reversal on the 2010 ballot or wait for 2012. In the 2000 balloting, over 60 percent of the voters turned down homosexual marriage but the margin for Proposition 8 was only slightly over 50 percent.

One side wants to capitalize on this momentum but the other side argues that time is on their side, that as younger voters come aboard, they will be more favorable to their cause.

This reasoning is valid, since the propaganda campaign that the sodomite activists have waged has been effective. Polls indicate that over 70 percent of high school and college students favor legalizing same-sex marriage.

With homosexual clubs on hundreds of campuses and Hollywood bought and paid for by the sodomites, the next generation doesn't have a chance to understand the extent of God's wrath on this sin.

Besides that, we have systematically removed the influence of the Bible from our education system, so how can they even know God's point of view?

So, how will they learn? It is up to the Bible believers to sound the alarm. Sadly, many pastors have given up on preaching against sin. Their gospel is a feel-good message designed to make everyone happy and comfortable.

Gospel Tracts Precede Revival

In history, it was the common people who blew the whistle on a culture descending into godlessness. Their main instrument? Gospel tracts.

Most of the revivals and "great awakenings" in the last 500 years have been preceded by a saturation of the populace with powerful gospel literature.

Invention of the printing press not only gave the Bible to the common man but provided a cheap way to get current information to the people. For 40 years, Chick Publications has published a balanced gospel, that God is love but rejection of His love brings horrific judgment. Many have written to us that the picture of the angel dropping the person over the cliff into the burning pit stayed with them for years before they finally submitted to Christ's love. We have taken a lot of heat for our stand on sodomy, but someone must speak out. If you find tracts like Sin City and Doom Town hard to hand out, then place them somewhere where they will be found.

But if we don't seed these into our communities, how will the next generation learn the truth and avoid God's wrath? We published the book, Hot Topics, to elaborate on the message of the tracts.

America has legalized sin and God's hand of judgment is raised against us. Even most Christians are oblivious to this because they have accepted polluted Bibles* that changed God's view on sodomy.

We can turn the tide by seeding gospel tracts into our communities. But we have to use the ones that speak the truth about God's judgment as well as His love. If you are uncomfortable handing these "hot potato" tracts to someone, at least plant them where they will be found.

*See Look What's Missing by David W. Daniels.

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