Government Solution to Sin: Tax It Away

The Founding fathers of the United States knew how to deal with sin: that only the Spirit of God could change the heart and prevent sin. Today, in many ways the government has replaced the church and is now embarking on a faulty solution to the sin problem in our culture.

Recognizing that much of our medical costs stem from sinful behavior, legislators are proposing more "lifestyle taxes" on that behavior which causes so much of our medical costs. Already, many states have placed a heavy tax on cigarettes and alcohol, expecting a dual benefit: increased revenue and reducing costly addiction.

Now the Senate Finance Committee is proposing to tax soft drinks, junk food, fruit juices and even chocolate milk in the hopes of raising money to pay for health care for all and at the same time, discouraging costly obesity that they believe is caused by these "unhealthy" foods.

What a price we are now paying for the last 50 years of feel-good religion. When preachers called sins by name and warned sinners about hell, hearts were changed by the Spirit of God. The cost of sin on society was reduced. Drunkards were converted, smokers and homosexuals realized they needed forgiveness and were delivered. Gluttony was recognized and dealt with.

A much smaller government was needed to only deal with the few who insisted on living in rebellion.

Studies have shown that the more that people are encouraged to trust the government for their care, the lower the church attendance. And the more the church neglects to speak out against sin, the more the government steps in to try to solve the problems caused by that sin.

Proverbs 14:34 says, "Righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people." Not only have we glorified sin in our media, we have begun to legalize it in abortion and homosexuality. Now we are reaping our reproach.

If it is possible to correct the situation, repentance and revival is the only answer. Taxing a sinful heart will not make it righteous. That will only harden the rebellion. That heart must be told the hellish consequences of sin and challenged to repent and submit to God`s grace through Christ.

Paul asked, "How shall they hear without a preacher?" Too many "preachers" have neglected the rest of the gospel: hell is hot for those who refuse to repent. Chick tracts are like little "preachers" who pull no punches. Many have written to Chick Publications that they read a tract years ago but could not forget the picture of the angel dropping the sinner into the flames of hell. Years later, they surrendered to Christ.

Many of the revivals in history were started with wide distribution of hard-hitting gospel tracts. The Holy Spirit used them to melt the hearts of enough sinners that God`s judgment was averted.

Today, we still have a chance to turn back the "reproach" of our nation. But men must see sin for what it is: a sure ticket to hell where the party is cancelled because of fire and no exit.

Soul winners, we had better work while it is day. Unless we do, the night will come sooner than we think. Seed your community with hard-hitting Chick tracts while there is time.

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