'Can You Get Us Some More?'

Every time a missionary is supplied with Chick tracts, the result is the same: they can't get enough. Missionary Donnie Whitlock is no exception. He works throughout Asia but his latest report is from the Philippines.

"The Lord knows the need is great and the door of opportunity is now opened," writes Whitlock. "I have had the privilege to preach throughout the world (38 nations/many islands), but never have I been in a place as open to the Gospel as the Philippines."

As is so often the case, places in America that are closed to sharing the gospel are open in other countries. Whitlock reports: "The Lord allowed me to preach in a public high school to 1,800 students, plus 77 teachers and many other workers. The principal of this school is a Christian, so she asked if I would come and preach with no strings attached. There were over 400 professions of faith.

"I am having some local pastors follow-up and make sure of their decision for Christ. The team with me was able to give each student a copy of This Was Your Life in the Filipino language. They were so excited. Only eternity will give us the total response of what took place."

Pastor Requests More Chick Tracts

Whitlock has had hundreds of requests for more tracts. One local pastor went to a large mall and soon ran out of tracts. He came back and reported: "I watched the people sitting everywhere reading that tract. Can you get us some more?"

"This has been the result all over the areas I have gone," says Whitlock, who ministers widely to other parts of Asia. Most of the tracts that Whitlock uses are furnished by Christians in America who sacrifice so they can focus their resources and buy tracts at a deep discount in large quantities.

One such Christian has supplied Whitlock with tens of thousands of tracts in several languages.

One of Whitlock's ministries is to the local pastors. He has developed training guides and other materials in several languages specifically for local pastors. Next year he is planning a camp meeting just for pastors and their families in the Philippines.

He writes: "We would love to have thousands of tracts to send back with these pastors into their areas of service at the end of the camp. It is amazing how many tracts these people can distribute.

"They love Chick tracts because the people read them and don't throw them away, but pass them on to other people. Only the Lord knows how many may read the same tract. Tracts have always been a part of our ministry."

This is only one example of the effectiveness of Chick tracts in the language of the people.

Chick Tracts in 100 Languages

Chick Publications receives may requests from missionaries for tracts in the language of their mission field. As a result, we have tracts in over a hundred languages.

As a publisher, we are not organized to provide tax-deductable receipts. If you are able to help extend the reach of a missionary, we suggest that you find out the missionaries that your church supports.

Suggest that they go to our website and review the titles that we have in the language of their mission field. If they find a title that they can use, we can drop ship your order to your missionary.

For more information about Whitlock's ministry, visit his website at www.massmediaoutreachministries.org.