Chick Mail Bag January/February 2010

When our 5 kids were young adults but still living at home, they started a ministry they named C.H.O.W., Christian Homeless Outreach Workforce. In winter here in the Phoenix area, they would go to stores and friends asking for food and supply donations and I bought what they couldn`t get. Then they would prepare and drive our minivan out to parks where the homeless gathered and slide open the side door, put up a sign, and start handing out cups of hot sweet tea, hot hard boiled eggs, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, fresh fruit, secondhand coats and blankets, and assorted Chick tracts. People always were grateful and polite and lined up to receive what was handed out, and the Chick tracts were always a huge hit, getting passed around and read right on the spot and eagerly traded for unread ones. The Chick tracts are the reason C.H.O.W was a success.
As a side note, you might suggest that folks do what I do: hand the kid in the drive-thru window a Chick tract as he or she hands you your burger and fries.
K.G., AZ

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