New Louisiana Law Allows 'Open Discussion' on Creation

Bill signed creates a level playing field in the discussion of the origin of life and other controversial subjects in the state school system.

This Jesus Was Different

The following is a testimony sent to the author of Who is this Allah by a young man in Nigeria...

A Message From Jack Chick Sep-2009

Message from Jack Chick about Halloween witnessing - 2009

Chick Mail Bag Sep-2008

Catholic grandmother comes to Christ after her grandkids hid tracts all over her home for her to find.

Homosexual Marriage? - What's the Big Deal?

Is same-sex marriage simply allowing another kind of couple to have the same benefits enjoyed by opposite-sex couples?

Look What's Missing - Even in Revelation

Would you rather your friends read a Bible that God has clearly blessed, or one He has clearly cursed?

Few Believe that Jesus is the Only Way

57 percent of "evangelical" church members believe that many religions can lead to heaven.

Australian Church Greets Pope's Pilgrims With True Gospel

Pastor Kevin Harris of Illawarra Independent Baptist Church in Wollongong, Australia could not pass up the opportunity when the pope came to Sydney.

Prison Ministry Letters: Sep-2008

I love reading the Bible now!

Anglicans May Split Over God's View of Sodomy

Every ten years, the largest "Protestant Denomination" meets to discuss the issues in their "communion." This year, it is time for the 77-million-member Anglican Church to meet again.

Tract Passing Tips - September 2008

Halloween tracts lead to witnessing at school

Pope in Australia Pushes Unity of All Religions

During the pope`s visit to Australia, more evidence surfaced that the Vatican has not really changed its pagan system, only its tactics in coaxing the world into its web.

Which Words are Jesus' Words?

So which words are Jesus` words? Every single word of the Bible! The Bible is God`s words to us.

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