Saturate Your Town

This article was contributed by Maria D. after obeying a dream about how to use tracts to reach her town.

I am writing this to encourage the readers of Battle Cry to attempt to saturate their town with the gospel. In a dream I had last week, I had placed a full pack of 25 "The Little Ghost" Chick tracts around at my town’s train station. So, during my waking hours that evening, I did so. It was really easy to do, such as: on the benches and other sitting areas, on bicycle handles, on window ledges, and on top of the pay phone.

The next day, I went to place some more "The Little Ghost" Chick tracts at the train station. I saw there a Hispanic family waiting for the train. I asked the mother if she would like a gospel cartoon for her children. She pointed to one of her children and said, “We have one already.” I turned and looked and sure enough, their little girl had it open on her lap while sitting on the bench and was reading it intently. The father of the family also said to me, “Oh, we got one already. There are lots of them and they are everywhere!” I said, “Oh, good —that’s great!” and gave them a thumbs up, and then I walked on.

On the occasion that there was someone sitting in their car, I offered them a gospel cartoon to read —most of the time they gladly took one and sat there reading it. A young man in his car had a look of pure joy on his face as he was reading the tract. I prayed as I was walking around. 

I also walked up and down the main town street and offered families a copy of The Little Ghost for their kids. Nearly all of them were gladly accepted. I also handed copies of it to older people and said, “Here is a gospel cartoon for your grandchildren!”

I handed one on the street to a young couple, and the wife looked at the tract and said to her husband, “The message couldn’t be more clear, and it says everything that it needs to say!” And then, she looked at the back of the tract and said, “Hey, let’s get our Indiana mission board to put money towards this. This is what we need to be sending to our missions!” And her husband said, “Yes, great idea —I agree! We should do that —let’s do that!”

Then, I went inside the lobby of some nearby apartment buildings to put a Chick tract on the bulletin board inside of each one. I was pleasantly surprised to see that a copy of the Chick tract:A Demon’s Nightmare, (another tract title I have been recently distributing around the train station) had already been tacked by somebody else onto the bulletin board in one of the apartment buildings.

I did not expect to see it there when I walked in, and thought to myself, “Wow —the Word is really starting to get around town!” This shows me that my town is starting to receive some saturation of the gospel message, which is the goal.

God will use a tract to either save somebody, plant a seed, or remind them of its message on Judgment Day if they reject the good news. Let’s get a revival going in our towns. We really need it. Anything is possible with the help of God.