Major Exodus From Liberal Denomination

Seventy congregations in north Georgia have voted to leave the United Methodist Church (UMC), primarily because of a creeping acceptance of homosexuality in the denomination.

Mission Fund Update: July 2022

Read updates from around the world and see how your generous donations are helping provide Chick tracts to missionaries so they can reach lost souls worldwide

Homosexual Consequences No One Talks About

Statistics are hard to come by, but things like suicide rates, sexually transmitted diseases, shortened lifespans, and the medical consequences of extraordinary wear and tear on physical organs are all extremely high.

Marxist Lesbian to Head American Library Association

Karl Marx was the originator of a godless political system with the diabolical strategy of creating strife in a nation sufficient to overthrow the government. Over 100 million people have been executed or starved to death by some form of Marxist philosophy.

Chick Mail Bag - July 2022

On a trip home from Alaska to Idaho, I had a layover in Seattle and had an opportunity to have a conversation with a gentleman about earthquakes and death which led to “spiritual” things...

A Message From David Daniels

Author David Daniels tells about a visit he had to Metropolitan Community (Homosexual) Church and how it led to writing a tract entitled, 'Sin City'.

Could Proposed Law Decriminalize Infanticide? (Killing of babies)

A proposed California Assembly Bill appears to eliminate any criminal penalties for killing a baby anytime before birth and for a short time after birth.

When You Say 'Greek,' --- Which One?

When someone says that they are consulting 'the Greek' to interpret a scripture, we need to ask, 'Which one?'

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