When You Say 'Greek,' --- Which One?

When someone says that they are consulting “the Greek” to interpret a scripture, we need to ask, “Which one?”

Most English Bibles trace their roots back to one of two Greek New Testaments. In the 16th century, a Greek New Testament was published which relied on documents God had used to preserve His word. The manuscripts used to create this Greek New Testament generally agreed with over 5,700 others that were collected through history. This Greek New Testament came to be called the “Textus Receptus” (Latin for “Received Text”) and was used by the translators of the King James Bible in 1611.

But in 1881, a new English Bible was produced to “fix” the King James, which some considered obsolete. Scholars used a small sampling of manuscripts, just a few dozen, to “correct” the readings of the Textus Receptus and create a new Greek document called the “Critical Greek Text.”

This new “Greek” was used to produce the “Revised Version” of the Bible. In the 1900s, others carried forward the movement to revise the Bible, producing new “critical editions” of the Greek text. These were used to create most modern Bibles. Since they come from a different source, they naturally produce a different Bible (sometimes with contradictions).

So, today, when someone says that they “checked the Greek,” we need to know which one, because there are significant differences between the Textus Receptus and the Critical Text.

David W. Daniels, a trained linguist, noticed some of these differences and decided to investigate why. What he found shocked him.

But it was complicated. He has spent over 15 years digging out the details and publishing his findings. They are contained in more than a dozen books and over 250 video blogs that track the progress of his research.

If the plot by Satan that Daniels discovered is not stopped, changes will continue to be made until eventually what will be called the Bible will be nothing more than another religious document watered down to support the coming one world religion (that’s actually the goal).

Daniels has a small book that gives the basics of this plot. It is easy to read because Jack Chick provided simple illustrations of the narrative. It provides a summary of the plot from the present back to its beginning right after the books of our Bible were assembled.

The title of that book asks the vital question: “Did the Catholic Church Give Us The Bible?” because this counterfeit church turns out to be a major tool to execute Satan’s plot against God’s words. Read the fascinating story that the “Christian” media doesn’t want to talk about.

Please click the link to review and purchase "Did the Catholic Church Give Us the Bible?" and others of Daniels' books. You can access his videos on YouTube.

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