Chick Mail Bag - July 2022

On a trip home from Alaska to Idaho, I had a layover in Seattle and had an opportunity to have a conversation with a gentleman about earthquakes and death which led to “spiritual” things. The man asked about what the afterlife would be like. Before I had the chance to answer, my flight was called for boarding. I was thinking, “What can I do?” Then the Lord reminded me I was carrying Chick tracts in my purse! I pulled one out and gave it to him and said, “This tells of what life is like after we die. Would you like to read it?” He instantly took it from me and started reading it right away. I was thrilled to see the Lord working in the man’s heart and I have prayed for that man’s salvation since then. I trust that the Lord used that tract to bring him to Christ. Thanks for making it possible for me to witness to others when time is so short. You have made witnessing so easy and in a way that people will read it.

–K. Smith