Post-Christian Europe Attempting To Shut Down Free Speech

European governments are trying to silence Christians who dare preach "unapproved" biblical doctrines. And they want the U.S. to do the same here.

Bible Society Sees Sudden Drop In Bible Usage

Rather than hard times driving Americans to the Bible, it appears that they are moving away from it at a faster rate.

"Gomez" Tract Worked For Mr. Gomez

Another inmate slipped a tract in Gomez' cell, then waited for a violent reaction. They never expected what happened!

Stop! Stop! Not Appropriate For Children

When a parent began reading a book from the school library, in a school board meeting, the shocked board members insisted she stop. They were embarrassed at the content. Should this be in the school library?

Missions Fund Report - May 2022

Report on the latest shipments of Chick tracts to missionaries. They are requesting them from all over the world!

A Message From David Daniels

David's May 2022 letter to encourage soul-winners.

Encouraging Growth of Global Christianity

Pollsters claim Christianity is dying. But a closer look at the facts may tell a different story.

Satan's Ingenuity

The homosexual movement is redefining God in their own image. The result is hard to believe.

Chick Mail Bag - May 2022

She found it on the ground, and her life has never been the same since.

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