Bible Society Sees Sudden Drop In Bible Usage

The American Bible Society (ABS) has completed its annual State of the Bible USA survey. Until 2022, 47 to 49% of American adults claimed to use the Bible in some fashion. “However the 2022 data showed a 10% decrease from the same time in 2021. That means nearly 26 million Americans reduced or stopped their interaction with scripture in the past year,” the report concluded.

In the past, when leadership in the nation strayed from a godly world-view, there was enough spiritual resilience in the common people to call the nation back to repentance. Moving away from the Bible can only further God’s displeasure with us and hasten His judgment.

Yet those Bible-believers who remain faithful could still turn the nation around and God might also do a U turn. When Abraham questioned God’s ratio at Sodom and Gomorrah’s judgment, we see that it does not take very many faithful to preserve the others.

However, another recent statistic is not good. The Bible marketing organization ECPA, reports that the King James Bible is no longer number two in the ranking of Bibles being sold through the ECPA-affiliated outlets. It has moved to the number four position with the NLT and the ESV superseding it.

Satan’s plan is succeeding to eclipse the one English Bible that is solidly based on faithful manuscripts and install the modern versions polluted with a fake history.

As author David W. Daniels points out, Eve was the first one to buy the Devil’s line of doubt. And he has not let up even until now. When various Bibles say contradictory things or omit words and verses, readers cannot help but experience confusion, the seedbed of doubt.

Daniels has produced a library of books proving that God kept His promise to preserve His word (Matt. 24.35). But men decided to “fix” the Bible, giving Satan an opportunity to substitute counterfeit manuscripts into the history of the Bible. Please visit Books to review the books in this series on the reliability of the modern Bibles.

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