'Lady of Light' Exposed as Usurper in New Book

"In these difficult days, when our global problems seem insurmountable, a growing number are turning to the Queen of All as perhaps the world's best advocate," writes Jim Tetlow in his new book on Marian apparitions. And who is this "Queen of All?" Tetlow's book by that name describes in great detail, thousands of appearances of a "Lady of Light" in every nation on earth. Her message is basically the same: The world is in a mess. I am the Mother of the World. I am the Queen of Peace. I am appearing in secret now, but will soon come in great glory with judgment on those who will not follow me and peace to those who do.

Millions of pilgrims flock to the shrines of these apparitions every year. Some of the best known include Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico, Medjugorje in Bosnia, Lourdes in France, Knock in Ireland, Czestochowa in Poland and Fatima in Portugal. There are also dozens in the U.S. Massachusetts has Madonna, Queen of the Universe National Shrine in Boston. Florida has Mary, Queen of the Universe Shrine in Orlando. Pennsylvania has Our Lady of Guadalupe, Mother of the Americas and New York has the National Shrine of Mary, Help of Christians.

Thousands gather every year in Amsterdam for an International Day of Prayer honoring "The Lady and Mother of All Nations." Dozens of Roman Catholic priests, bishops and cardinals preside over the event attended by people from over 70 countries. Visionary Ida Peerdeman conveyed the messages of the "Lady" that stressed the need for a "unity" that would only come when the Pope and Roman Catholics officially proclaimed this "Lady of All Nations" as "Co-Redemptrix" with Jesus. "To date, millions of faithful Marian advocates have petitioned Rome to officially name her Co-Redemptrix" writes Tetlow.

So, is this only a Roman Catholic phenomenon? Tetlow says, "No!" A chapter in his book describes how hundreds of thousands of Muslims have flocked to a Marian apparition near Cairo, Egypt. "Mary is also highly honored in both the Koran and Hadith. Muslims consider Mary the greatest of all women." Furthermore, Muhammad is reported to have said that Mary reached the "level of perfection," writes Tetlow.

In another chapter, he illustrates how the religions of the east all have a prominent female deity. Similar apparitions have, and are continuing to appear to people in Hinduism, Shintoism, Buddhism and to some in the West, such as the New Age Movement who have embraced the eastern religions. "The apparitions emphasize that she is appearing everywhere with the same message," says Tetlow. That message is always one of unity. "All religions are man-made, inspired by the Creator. All words which have been written in the Holy Books have been written by men in unity with the Creator."

So, what is the Bible believer to think of this rising phenomenon in the world? The acid test of all religions is: What do they do with Jesus? Tetlow writes: "The apparition of Mary universally proclaims that she is our compassionate, gentle, merciful Mother-that Jesus is often portrayed as a distant, harsh Judge...Yet, the Bible ascribes these attributes to God alone (never once to Mary)." In fact, nowhere does the Scripture attribute anything to Mary other than the earthly motherhood of Jesus.

Tetlow goes on to show how this "Lady of Light" can only be identified as a clever, demonic usurper. In the apparitions, she has claimed divine attributes that belong only to Jesus. Contrary to 1 Timothy 2:5, that Jesus is the one Mediator, this "Lady" claims to also be our mediator, intercessor, advocate, and even "co-redeemer" with Jesus.

Other evidence further nails her as a usurper, elbowing Jesus aside. Where Jesus is Lord; she claims to be "Lady." Jesus is King, she is "Queen." She also claims to be sinless, omnipresent, ascended bodily into heaven and is willing to accept worship-all attributes reserved only for Jesus in the Bible.

Bible believers can only conclude that this is a demonic imposter, sent to deceive even the elect, if it were possible. (See Matt. 24:24.) Tetlow's book, Queen of All, gives fair warning of the growing, world-wide power of this usurper. This book gives Christians the understanding they need to show their Muslim and Roman Catholic friends that this Mary is not who she claims to be. They should not be turning to this imposter, but to Jesus instead.

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