Soaked Eucharist Grows 'Heart Tissue'

This current example of Catholic superstition and idolatry perfectly illustrates the pagan nature of the Roman Catholic Institution.

Muddled Bibles Make Shallow Christians

If you're not really sure what the Bible teaches (because there are so many translations), why change your life based upon it?

Why Care About the Jesuits?

Since only 5% of Jesuits actually become priests, where are the other 95%? How are they influencing the world today?

Tract Tip: Heard at a Restaurant

Here's your chance to be a witness.

Creation or Evolution? Evidence from Design

If anyone can see it's clearly designed, how can there be no designer?

New Spanish Bible Based on Trustworthy Texts

God's perfect words (unchanged, nothing removed, nothing added) are now available to the Spanish-speaking world.

Chick Mail Bag November/December 2011

Teacher leaves Chick tracts on desk for students to "borrow." When one died, his Mom thanked me because her son found Christ.

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