Why Care About the Jesuits?

With today`s focus on Islam, the attention is off the maneuverings of the Pope. Yet, behind the scenes, the Jesuit order has not slackened its pace. A new Crusaders Comic by Chick Publications reminds us that this powerful servant of the Whore of Babylon is still quietly placing members in the world`s power centers.

Since Loyola established the Jesuit Order, it has been the most powerful instrument of the Vatican in world affairs. Notice how often prominent leaders rise to power after attending Jesuit universities such as Georgetown and University of San Francisco.

One little-known fact is that few Jesuits actually become priests. Jesuit universities claim millions of graduates, yet only about two percent of them ever wear a priestly robe. Instead, many go on to positions in the political and business world where they quietly influence key legislation or policy decisions. Pope Benedict XVI`s decisions about evolution were fronted by a Jesuit. President Clinton openly touted being surrounded by, and even preferring, Jesuits in a speech he made at Georgetown University.

When Governor Paterson of New York was under the cloud of scandal, it was his Jesuit assistant who rose to take control. The present Governor Jerry Brown of California trained for at least a while to be a Jesuit priest. At one of President G. W. Bush`s high level meetings, someone remarked that only Bush and one other in the room were not Roman Catholic. The present U.S. Supreme Court contains six Roman Catholic and three Jewish justices.

Jesuit university web sites claim that their graduates are involved in world affairs at every level. Based on history, there is no reason to disagree with them. For centuries, in dozens of countries, Jesuit "missionaries" succeeded in worming their way into high government levels. But when it was discovered that their goal was to bring the country under the control of the pope, they were summarily expelled.

Posing as Christians, early Jesuit missionaries brought their false gospel to China, Japan and other countries in the orient. When their political machinations were discovered, they were sent packing. However, now all "Christians" are lumped together in the oriental mind, making it very difficult for true Bible believers to enter with the truth.

The pervasiveness of the Jesuit influence is largely responsible for the change in attitude of Protestants toward the Pope. The leaders of the reformation accurately targeted the pope as the anti-Christ, and the Vatican as the prostitute church of Revelation 17 and 18.

When Rome failed to stamp out the Reformation by burning its leaders at the stake, she switched tactics. And the new strategy, ecumenism, has worked wonders. Few Protestants, even evangelicals, are willing to call Catholicism a cult. With Jesuit help, she has succeeded in positioning herself as "just another denomination with a different worship tradition." Never mind that she preaches "another gospel," worships a wafer god, and prays to a goddess instead of Jesus.

This latest Crusaders Comic, called simply Jesuits, joins a full array of Chick publications detailing this deceptive new strategy by the pope and his highly effective troopers. The Secret History of the Jesuits, by Edmond Paris gives hundreds of examples of Jesuit intrigue in history up through World War II. The Alberto Rivera series of Crusaders Comics describes the global tentacles of the pope`s reach.

All this background information is important for the soul winner who has the opportunity to lead a deceived soul out of this bondage to pagan rituals. Rather than accepting them as brothers and sisters in Christ, we must warn them of God`s wrath to come on this false "church."

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