A Crucial Time in Spanish Bible History

There is a war going on right now for the preserved words of God in Spanish.

Are All Reina Valeras Equal?

Are all Reina-Valeras equal, or are some better than others?

Latin American Missionary Effort Exploding

For several decades we have watched as millions left the counterfeit Roman Catholic church in Latin America to join the growing Bible-believing churches. Now they are maturing and beginning to take the Great Commission seriously.

New Reina-Valera Gomez - Back to Purity

After years of research and collaboration, Humberto Gomez has produced a Spanish Bible version faithful to the originals that formed the KJV, yet maintaining the linguistic beauty of the RV.

New Spanish Bible Based on Trustworthy Texts

God's perfect words (unchanged, nothing removed, nothing added) are now available to the Spanish-speaking world.

New Spanish Bible Corrects Alexandrian Pollution

New RVG Bible corrects the problems of the Reina Valera and provides a completely accurate Bible in Spanish.

RV 1960 Polluted with Roman Catholic Flavor

Many popular Spanish Bibles, including the RVR, have word changes that teach salvation by "obedience" instead of purely by faith. That`s Catholic doctrine!

RVG 2010 - New Translation or Revision?

Author Emanuel Rodriguez explains in his new book, 'God's Bible in Spanish,' that the RVG 2010 is simply a revision of the beloved Reina-Valera used by God for over 400 years.

Why We Use the RVG in Spanish Chick Tracts

Chick Publications endorses Spanish Reina Valera Gomez Spanish Bible.