The Pope is On a Roll

The Pope's suggested six new 'Beatitudes' to deal with today`s problems are designed to bring us closer to a one world government.

How Old is the Moon?

200 new craters since 2009 show the moon is not as old as we`ve been told.

Canadian Doctor Loses Fight for Children's Innocence

The law requires that 'inclusivity' (homosexual propaganda) be laced into all aspects education. Religious convictions don`t matter.

How to Test a New Bible —Before You Buy

What you should know when shopping for a new Bible.

Which Bible Really Gets Read?

Researches found the KJV still used by the majority of those who actually read their Bibles.

Does the Apocrypha Belong in Your Bible?

The Jews rejected it as part of their Scripture (the Old Testament). But the push continues to add it to the KJV.

Missions Fund Report

Missionaries around the world tell how Chick tracts are affecting their ministries.

Tributes to Jack Chick

"I got saved reading a Chick tract," is being said by many as they remember Jack Chick following his death.

Chick Mail Bag: Jan-2017

Thanks to the hitchhiker who gave me that tract!

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