Pope Still Eyeing Jerusalem

As mankind continues to fight over the plight of Jerusalem, God has promised He will have the last word.

Does Your Bible Contain Legends?

Beware of the move to insert ancient legends into the Scriptures.

What's The Standard?

Is the Bible God's absolute yardstick, or just His recommendation?

Millennials Poised For Deception

Society is being shaped to accept a one-world government. And the millennials will sign on.

Countering Hate - and Offering Salvation

Originally written to Christians to encourage them to win souls, 'Who's the Real Hater?' has been expanded to make it a soul-winning Chick tract.

Christian Parenting Threatened By California Bill

The State wants your kids! New bill could allow the state to decide home schooling (or Christian schooling) is not the “appropriate education” to which every child has a right.

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