A Message From David W. Daniels

Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

When I was a child, we went to the public library —a lot. Each summer we went in the mornings, and the librarian would read a different book out of the children’s part of the library. Then I got to pick, and check out, a huge stack of books!

No more. Today, a person of questionable character is not only allowed, but encouraged, to read filthy books about sex to children. This is called “grooming.” When my Grandpa was head of the police Juvenile Division, that was a crime. Now, around the world, people are getting in trouble, or being arrested, for objecting to grooming!

Children used to be sheltered. No longer. Now, sheltering —protecting children— is almost considered a crime. Why do grown adults insist on reading books on pornography to children? —and parents allow it?

While the church was asleep, the devil was active. Do you know why? Because the devil NEVER sleeps! People have told us, “You don’t need to hand out tracts. Stop pushing your morality!” But the devil never stops pushing his immorality and godlessness — not for one split second. Don’t be fooled.

What can we do about it now? It is extremely late in the game, but it is not hopeless, as long as Christians are around —and if they use their God-given opportunities to get out the gospel.

People are desperate for answers. People are willing to listen —if we get the gospel into their hands. That is why we keep making Chick gospel tracts. Ask the missionaries who are requesting a million of them in both the Philippines and Mexico, and large numbers in other places. The gospel is our only hope. We have the opportunity to give the world that hope.

Only after people have done the godly thing, will they stand up to do the moral thing and protect our children. We have our work cut out for us. Praise God that I have my packs of tracts ready to do my part.

Do you?

In Christ Jesus, and for His service,