A message from David Daniels - January 2020

Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

Since 1981, I’ve heard “We need to win the world for Christ!” But somewhere along the line we were told the lie that gospel tracts don’t work, but our lifestyle can win the lost. But people won’t receive the gospel if we do not give the gospel. “…how shall they hear without a preacher?” (Romans 10:14) That means us, not just a guy behind a pulpit.

After this short life is —forever. People who reject Christ will regret it forever in the lake of fire! Isn’t it worth a little effort to give them the gospel? Yes. That’s why I give out Chick tracts. I want to give the lost the same opportunity I had to be saved.

But then saved people need a Bible. And there is just one English Bible that doesn’t compromise on anything God said. And it’s the one that bore the fruit (faith) that God said His words would bear: the King James Bible. History witnesses to its saving power, its doctrinal clarity and the faith it has brought —400 years of revivals and worldwide missions.

But some say it’s “too hard.”

Isn’t it worth a little effort to unlock the treasures of God’s storehouse of knowledge? I think so. That’s why I wrote Yes You Can (And You Should!) Read The King James Bible. It encourages and shows the reader how to get started. Even the more experienced may increase his or her reading skills. I even added in the Bible Companion dictionary of less familiar words, some KJV-keyed Bible charts and a concise Bible timeline in the back.

Gospel tracts can help save them. The King James Bible can give them understanding. These form a win-win combination that can shape the next generation. God bless you as you win souls!

In Christ Jesus, and for His service,