Pope Decides Lord’s Prayer is Wrong

Catholic doctrine teaches a pope speaking ex cathedra has more authority than the Bible. So when he's not in agreement with Scripture there is no reason for him not to change it.

The Real Reason They Made the NKJV

Dr. Kirk DeVietro, who was present at the introduction of the New King James, tells us how the publishers admitted the real reason they made the NKJV.

Mormon President “Instructed” to Drop Name

As part of their rebranding in an effort to make themselves appear more Christian, President Russell M. Nelson annouced members were to be referred to as belonging to "the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints" rather than "Mormons".

Are We Finally Waking Up?

Recent surveys suggest homosexual activists have overplayed their hand with pushing their agenda. Approval among millenials is dropping.

Missions Fund Report: September 2019

We are able to send Chick tracts to missionaries ready to use them because of your donations to the Chick Mission Fund. Here are recent reports from just some of the missionaries blessed by your generosity.

Chick Mailbag

He stopped using Chick tracts years ago, and just rediscovered them. He just saw four young people come to Christ!

A Message from David Daniels

Forty-seven years ago, Jack Chick warned about the homosexual movement. Now, people are finally discovering the bitter results of this cancer. There is hope!

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