Are We Finally Waking Up?

A recent survey by the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) left them less than glad. It appears millennials are beginning to catch on to the realities of homosexuality. People between ages 18 and 34 “are becoming increasingly uncomfortable” with certain aspects of the homosexual steamroller.

The new Harris Poll found that only 45% of millennials considered themselves “allies” of the LGBT movement. That is down from 63% in 2016. Two years ago, only 27% of millennial males were concerned that their child had a homosexual teacher or were given a lesson in LGBT history. Today, that stands at 42%.

Homosexual family members also face more resistance. A year ago, 29% registered discomfort upon learning that a relative is homosexual. That figure rose to 36% today.

Early on in the “coming out” of the movement, numerous authors pointed out the gross behavior of the participants of sodomy. They explained that the male and female bodies were created specifically for God-ordained intercourse. Any other approach risks serious physical damage or invites as many as 50 different sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

These voices were soon marginalized or squelched altogether. Today, few news sources dare publish the fact that “men who have sex with men also have much higher rates of [STD] infection than the general population. Their rates of syphilis are more than 20 times the overall rate, and their rates of gonorrhea are more than 15 times the overall rate.” (Washington Post, May 22, 2018.)

The same article points out that, overall, STD cases in California have increased 45 percent since 2013. The consequences of the “sexual revolution” are far greater than just in the homosexual community.

Other evidence that the homosexual “activists” have overplayed their hand is the parent groups who have banded together to stop the indoctrination of their children. They are fighting school boards who insist on supplying curriculum that teaches gender confusion. They are contesting the “drag queen story hours” at their local libraries.

Top female athletes are lodging complaints with sports and government leaders about transgender men walking away with wins in women’s sports events. Businesses are being boycotted for allowing men claiming to be women into women’s dressing rooms and restrooms.

Did the GLAAD people really expect that the common people would sit still for this assault on their code of decency? Hopefully, they have overplayed their hand and a backlash is in the making.

It is encouraging that the pro-homosexual CEO of Harris Poll said about the surprises in the survey, “These numbers are very alarming.” As famously said, evil can only triumph if good people do nothing.

But good people must be sure they do the right thing. Protests and counter-protests only inflame the situation. Politics can be a useful tool but cannot be the only answer. Laws are no good when not enforced or evil overwhelms the ability of the police.

Bible believers know that all is chaos until the heart itself is changed. The wonderful freedom that we have experienced in America is a blip in the history of the world.

Persecution of Christians has been the norm in most of the world in most of history. The founding fathers repeatedly pointed out that without virtue in the people, no freedom was possible. The more able individuals would eventually succumb to the temptations of power and connive ways to enslave the rest.

So where does this all-important “virtue” come from? The gospel, of course. All great revivals were fueled with wide exposure of the “good news” that the Spirit of God stands ready to change hearts. For over 50 years Chick tracts have consistently “preached” that good news. When the price of sin becomes obvious, a soul winner needs to be there to explain the benefits of righteousness.

Will you be that soul winner?

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