New Law May Forbid Soul Winning in Russia

A new restriction on religious activity, supposedly to curtail terrorism, has Russian Bible believers deeply concerned. It remains to be seen how far America will follow.

Is there a Death-bed Window into Eternity?

There have always been stories of death-bed agony or ecstasy in the last moments of life. After reading one of our tracts, a soul-winner sent us this true story of what she witnessed.

When is Witnessing Allowed in Public Schools?

A recent brochure by the Christian Educators Assn, Intl (CEAI). lays out guidelines for parents and students showing exactly where they stand in a possible dispute with school officials.

Anti-Jewish Persecution Rising in U.S.

U.S. support of Israel is diminishing, especially among young people in U.S. colleges.

LGBT Activists Now Targeting Christians

Christian businesses, Christian schools, and now churches are being legally threatened if they 'discriminate' by following God's Word rather than man's laws.

Does Mark 16 Have 20 Verses... Or 8?

If you trust text critics, the original gospel had no bodily resurrection! So why trust them?

Mission Report

Reports continue to come in from missionaries using Chick tracts.

Message From Jack Chick September/October 2016

We can't all travel like Tim and Mike, but we rub shoulders with people every day who have no hope.

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