Message From Jack Chick September/October 2016

Dear Ones in Christ:

I have a friend named Tim Berends who is a great example for all soul-winners. Tim has a job just like the rest of us, but he has taken on another unusual assignment. Every night, Tim stands at one of the bridges in Las Vegas for a while. 40 million people a year pass over those bridges from every part of the world. Tim goes there with 300 tracts and passes them out. Then he goes home, mission accomplished.

He`s also got a buddy named Mike. These brave guys make quite a team. They will pick out a place, somewhere in the world where most of us would never dream of passing out gospel tracts. They`ve been in horrible situations many times. They have faced death, going into Palestinian zones in the Holy Land. It is only the hand of God and prayers that protected them.

They`ve been in Mexican border towns where people grabbed the tracts with joy, while trucks with mounted machine guns rumbled by. They work as a strike team: three hours in a city, then out, after giving away thousands of tracts. In one Catholic area, they passed out 3,000 "Mary`s Kids." I wish I was that brave!

They just got back from another town where they passed out "Mary`s Kids" at the Catholic school. They just walked through the partially open gate and handed tracts to parents waiting for their children, and in some cases the children, too! Tim said the archdiocese was furious. But look how many precious Catholics got the truth!

We can`t all travel like these guys. But we don`t need to. Every day, we rub shoulders with people who live without any hope. We can`t see how alone or hopeless they feel. But God knows their hearts, and He gave us the answer! Let`s not be selfish. Let`s share it with them. We can`t let Tim and Mike get all the crowns.

Your brother in Christ,

Jack Chick

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