Merchant Display Ministry Tops 50,000 Tracts

Fifty Thousand tracts later, Dale Detro is still excited about his mission to Putnam County, Indiana.

Chick Mail Bag May-2005

After watching "Light of the World" her days of worshipping Mary are over.

Last of Children to See Fatima Virgin Dies at 97

Lucia de Jesus dos Santo, last of the three children who claimed to see the Virgin Mary apparition at Fatima, Portugal in 1917, has died at the age of 97 in a convent in Portugal where she lived most of her life as a nun.

Why Don't More People Witness?

Author Mark Cahill says that the "two biggest reasons that people do not share their faith is that they are scared to get rejected and they don't know how."

Legacy of Pope John Paul II

At the moment, the death of the pope has triggered a global frenzy of praise for John Paul II.

Was the Pope Saved?

"This is a man who had particular confidence in the Virgin Mary and felt that she was ready to welcome him and introduce him to God..."

Prison Ministry Letters: May-2005

This helped us break free of the Roman Catholic church here.

Public Schools Becoming More Hostile to Christians

More evidence is surfacing that the public school classrooms are increasingly hostile to traditional American values.

Tract Passing Tips - May 2005

S.S classes, phone book names

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