Is "Evangelical" Catholicism Really Evangelical

"Protestant" turned Catholic claims Catholicism is "evangelical." But which "gospel" do they proclaim?

Adventures of Tim B.

Tim Berends shows how using creative ideas to pass tracts leads to real Christian adventure.

Up in Arms Over -Arm Evolution

If people's arms evolved from ape's arms, why are they shorter and weaker? Isn't evolution supposed to bring "improvement?"

Department Of Justice: 'Home Schooling Not a Right in America'

The U.S. government's response to Germany's peresecution of home schoolers shows that this freedom may not last for long in America.

The Steepest Generation:1963-2013

Every generation, like every roller coaster, has its ups and downs. But this generation is in a terrifying decline with many wondering, "where is the bottom?".

Are We The 'Barney Generation?'

We are not placed here to be spectators. God put us here for a purpose: to spread the Gospel, because there really is a judgement at the end.

Some Need to be Shocked into the Kingdom

The Chick tract angered him. He cursed and threw it away. But when he died that night eight of his co-workers were shocked into reality and turned to God.

Chick Tracts Reach Catholics in Goa, India

Chick tracts you provided through the Mission Fund are reaching many for Christ in India.

Chick Mail Bag March/April 2013

Officer gives his "customers" something to watch in back of patrol car.