Christians Becoming Public Enemy #1 -Worldwide

Secular news media begin admitting that Christians suffer greater persecution across the world than any other religious group. What can be done about it?

Tracts Still Work -Even at 55 Below Zero

Read the adventures of a lady cab driver armed with Chick tracts.

Philippine Prisons Open to Chick Tracts

May 2013 report on the Chick Mission Fund.

Beyond 'Don't Ask; Don't Tell'

Since welcoming homosexuals, the U.S. military has been using intimidation and accusations to silence Christians in the military. Some fear even their careers are in jeopardy if they go to church.

Gunpowder and Your KJV Bible

The fascinating history of the "Gunpowder Plot" which was supposed to prevent the production of the English Bible authorized by King James.

Evolution is Marvelous: Now a River is a Person

The strange after-effects of teaching evolution.

It's Like Daring God

The common practice of changing God's words is like daring God to deliver on his promise of curses for those who do.

Message From Jack Chick May/June 2013

The Great Tribulation will bring a nightmare of electronic surveillance that will give no place to hide.

Chick Mail Bag May/June 2013

My kids won't read the Bible, but they will read your tracts.

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